Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Editorial Stage With Abbott Press

I have completed the editorial stage with Abbott Press, which means my manuscript is now going into the design stage! That kind of makes me want to hyperventilate so we won't talk about that yet.  The editorial stage surpassed all of my expectations and convinced me even more that I made the right decision to go with them. For those who are curious, here's how it worked:

After barely over two weeks, I received my suggested edits back. It wasn't just a marked up manuscript though. There were two versions, one with all the suggested changes, and reasons why listed, and then another that they called the clean copy. The clean copy had all the grammar changes already entered and had comments in the margin regarding small questions or issues that were non-grammar related. I could use either version. If I wanted to go with all their grammar changes and just work on the questions and issues, then I could work on the 'clean' version. Or if I wanted to go through every bit of their suggested changes, grammar included, I could work on the first version. I loved having this choice.

Their thoroughness to detail and quality blew me away. The editor who worked on my manuscript was top-notch and I learned a lot from their notes alone. I've printed it out and will use it as a guide to teach myself not to make the same errors in the future. Not only does my manuscript feel polished now, it feels ready to take on the world. And I learned a lot in the process! The last leg of the race lays before me and now I know I can go the distance.



  1. This sounds wonderful, Heather. I love the way they gave you choices, and the work they put in. Providing you with a clean copy that already included their grammatical changes with notes is huge. I envision the process as looking at the changes, the notes, and seeing how it compares with the broader suggestion, all made easy to grasp and work with.

  2. It was definitely wonderful Linda. I was so impressed. I had no idea it would be so easy to follow and to incorporate the changes. Plus, the suggestions they made were excellent.

  3. Good suggestion about printing a copy and learning from mistakes. I've had to do that, and it's both humbling and rewarding.

    The design stage should be fun. Do you have any say over the font chosen and cover design?

  4. LinWash, it is a bit humbling but you're right, so rewarding as well! I do have a bit of say over the font, though they'll recommend what they feel is right for the genre and novel. I have complete control over the cover. I can submit my own artwork or use their designers. If I use their designers I still get to choose images and say what I'd like for the cover. I'm amazed at how much control I have and how willing they are to work with me.

  5. Heather,

    How exciting! That is great that they gave you both options. I agree, you definitely made the right decision. I am so happy for you and they are taking such good care of you. No one deserves it more....

    I can't wait to hear more. Good luck with the rest. I know it will be a HUGE success.

  6. Heather, This is fantastic. One of the greatest gifts of great editors is to learn from them. You're getting so close to publication. I'm so excited for you...and to be holding your book. Thank you for sharing your journey to publication.

  7. That's really great. I like the idea that you can automatically accept their grammar fixes, but still have another copy that shows you where the errors occurred. Very cool.

  8. Michael, aw, thank you so much! *wipes away tears*

    Karlene, so true! Thank YOU for sharing it with me!

    Tina, me too! It was awesome.

  9. So encouraging, and reassuring that they are doing a thorough job.
    I am so excited for you! Yay!