Practical Tools

Practical Tools: books on writing; workshops; conferences; marketing how-to's including querying, blurb development, the face-to-face pitch with agents, etc.; editorial services;  speaking and volunteer opportunities; and more. Click on the links below to be taken to Write of Passage posts on these topics.

~Annual Writing Workshops with William Bernhardt 6/6/12
~ Pitching your book to agents/editors 6/18/12
~ Kiersey Temperament Types: Who Reads What Genre; Which Are You? 7/2/12
~ Writing the Long Synopsis 7/9/12
~ Things to Know about Self-Publishing 7/11/12
~ Openings: How to Grab Readers, James Scott Bell's The Art of War for Writers 7/16/12
~ Writing Great Sentences 8/6/12
~ When and How to Tell, Not Show 8/20/12
~ Novel Structure: James Scott Bell's LOCK System 8/27/12
~ Social Media for Writers: Kristin Lamb 9/7/12
~ How's Your Twitter Profile Looking? 10/5/12
~ Easy Product Sale by Smartphone: QR Codes 10/8/12
~ Long-Haul Writing Career: What It Takes to Succeed, James Scott Bell 10/15/12
~ How to Maximize Sales on Amazon 11/16/12
~ Publishing Tips from William Bernhardt 11/7/12
~ E-Book Metadata: Key to Sales 11/19
~ Expand Your Mind With What You Don't Usually Read 1/21/13
~ Thumbnail Cover Design: Key to Discoverability 2/4/13
~ Rules for Success 2/11/13

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