Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Minutes Don't Roll Over...They Disappear

How often have we said, “I don’t have time,” or “I wish I had time,” or somebody calls to inform you how busy they are, and why they 'don’t have time’?

Very few publish authors began their careers with the luxury of not working another job, inside or outside their home. How did they do it? Did they have more time than you or I?

Time is the only thing that is universally exactly the same for everyone. Nobody gets more hours in their day than anyone else. We just ‘choose’ to use our time differently. The bottom line of time is prioritizing. Yes, we have kids, grandkids, careers, homes, responsibilities, families, gardens, friends, homework, etc. I could personally write a single-spaced page on the demands of a day. How do we squeeze another minute out of our already busy days?

The key to success is finding those scattered and lost minutes that we have misplaced, and use them wisely. There was a time when I would write lists of all I had to do, until one of my daughters informed me that list writing was a procrastination technique. I debated that thought for awhile, and then realized she was right. I didn’t really need to spend an hour today scheduling tomorrow. Efficiency experts delve into businesses and find ways to save millions of dollars. Why don’t we delve into our own lives, and find ways to save time? Each minute saved will be one minute closer to our goals. But where is that missing time?

I’ve found many missing minutes lying in my bed, thinking about getting up in the morning. Now, instead of ‘thinking about’ getting up, if I wake up at 0400, I get up and begin writing. It’s quiet, my mind is fresh, and the phone doesn’t ring. Spending time with my husband is now a long walk while I tell him about my novel, and we strategize who will get murdered next. Discussing plot points while getting fresh air is really fun! Inspiration blooms while talking out loud, and it takes away the stress of my hubby’s day too. Oh yes, and my house is often a mess. I have decided that I would rather write my novel than sweep the floor. I’ve just lowered my standards on how clean my house really needs to be, and have learned that the laundry doesn’t care if it sits in the dryer for a couple days before it’s folded. While I signed a contract with William Bernhardt that I would write 50 pages a week, I made a commitment with myself that I would write every day. What commitment are you willing to make with yourself?

Realize one thing: You are important and deserve some of that valuable resource, we call time, you so willingly give away to everyone and everything. If only one hour a day, then 365 hours later, you will have your novel complete. Be committed to yourself and your craft, and you will get there. Take time for yourself and write, you deserve it!


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