Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dream Big And Visualize

Absolutely nothing has ever been created, built, invented, or come to fruition that has not begun as someone’s idea, thought and visualization. Our thoughts create our reality. We manifest what we have in our lives because of our beliefs, needs, desires and dreams. The key is to know exactly what it is that we want. Send the universe our desires and they will come true.

It’s not easy. Obstacles are placed in our way, daily. But obstacles have a purpose. They represent our fears and doubts. They teach us how to navigate them, challenge us to continue, or give us reason to give up. The choice is ours as to what we do with them.

I can actually see my first novel, Flight for Control, in print. The cover is gold and brown and a setting sun paints the background. Angled across the cover, flies a 747. Half the plane on the front, the other half on the back, and when we remove the cover of this hardback, we can hang the picture on our wall.

When I write, I can see my characters. I see them as if they were the cast in a movie and I hear their voices. They’re alive. They live in the pages. Can I make this dream, and this story come to life by visualizing it? Why not? Everything in my life has been accomplished by first a thought, then a dream, and a crystal clear picture of what I want, followed by a lot of hard work. There is nothing that I haven’t desired in my life that I haven’t achieved. I attribute that to the power of the mind and that first thought. If your dream is to publish your novel, then see it happening and make it real.

We need more than focused determination, commitment and effort to accomplish our dreams. We need direction. Without a destination, without that dream, we’ll never get there because we won’t know where ‘there’ is. See where you want to go, and the sky is the limit! Visualize it.

Dream big and see yourself in that dream. Feel the joy and the excitement of the success before it happens, and know that it will happen. See your novel come to life and your dream become a reality. Enjoy the process and live the dream.

Write on!



  1. I really agree with you Karlene san.Whatever we have dream, we have to act action what we can do now to achieve our dream:D
    I made an inspirational video for become pilot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgNM3ILz46I
    best regards,

  2. Thank you Jun! I can hardly wait to see your video. And, I'm going to put it on my aviation blog too.
    Keep dreaming. You'll get there!

  3. Inspiring! Thanks for the motivation!! If you see yourself in the dream, you will believe and see yourself going after it.

    Go on and write,

  4. Powerful message, Karlene.

    I love that you see your cover. I see it too, by the way you described it. I love the fact that you can use the cover for art.

    I see my characters alive all the time. I am fortunate to have an additional talent to bring them to life. I'm an illustrator and have created the cover ant the inside illustrations of my first book. If you'd like to see them hop over to my blog and take a look under illustrations on the top right.

    I know you're dream will come true.