Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Lines, and The Versatile Blogger Award

Today I  finally have the chance to properly thank the Lovely Lady Gwen, who awarded us the Versatile Blogger Award a few weeks ago. Thank you so much, Gwen! Click on the green Versatile Blogger Award box on our right sidebar to be whisked to Gwen's blog, where you can read amusing anecdotes about her adventures and mishaps with writing YA and with running, her two passions.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to them.
Share seven things about yourself.
Pass the award along to other, recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

As the responder for CSC on this one, I am about to complete all that, but first, a break to bring you an important announcement and request:

Check out Karlene's blog post from Friday (just scroll down) announcing October's critique session here on CSC. Send us the last sentence of one of your favorite chapters via the comments box on that post, and let us talk about how it affects us and what we think it does for your forward momentum in your manuscript. It's fun and painless to play, HONEST! If you'd like to see how we roll here on CSC with critiques, go back to the First Sentence Critiques from August (August 24 Blog Post), and the First Paragraph Critiques from September (September 19 Blog Post). Thank you!

Now back to the Versatile Blogger Award and moi! I just love talking about myself! So here are seven things about me:
~ I spent years in the advertising world (aka the salt mines) in New York
~ Before that I spent other years in the pharmaceutical industry in New York
~ I have an educational background in consumer economics and health care policy
~ I have lived in Idaho, upstate New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, New York City, London, St. Louis, and Seattle
~ I love cats, and am afraid that someday, in my dotage, I will be the neighborhood cat lady, with stacks of old newspapers in the hallway and lounging cats strewn here and strewn there over my belongings
~ I am, however, currently catless for the first time in 21 years, as my last old kitty has recently gone to kitty heaven, leaving me quite bereaved
~ Which leads me to writing, always my savior in times of sadness. Also my pleasure in times of joy.

And now, here are some wonderful bloggers I've recently discovered:

Kristen Lamb, at Kristen Lamb's Blog

Juliet Greenwood, at Juliet Greenwood Author 

Nicole Basaraba, at Uni-Verse-City

Gunnar, at Mysteries and Histories

Dawnall, at Write On

Congratulations to each of you. I am so glad that I've found you and am enjoying reading your blogs and expanding my knowledge through you. Thank you!



  1. Healthcare policy, eh? We need you now! Very sorry to hear about your feline loss, I lost my kitty just a couple weeks ago, too, and it has been much more traumatic than I thought it would be. Miss having a little fur person around. Congratulations on your award!

  2. Linda, Thank you for sharing the secrets about yourself.

    To both you and Julie, I am so sorry for your losses. Loss of a loved one is never easy. But, Linda, you touched on a great way to deal with this loss... writing.

    Our lives have a way of sneaking into our books. So we can write our feelings, emotions, and create another reality for the one we're living. We can work through all sorts of emotions on the computer. There truly is no better therapy.

  3. Hi, Linda,

    Wow, you've certainly had many interesting adventures, No wonder you writing is so rich and full of wonderful details.

    Congrats on the award ladies. You are the best.

  4. I loved learning these secrets about you Linda! I'm so sorry about your kitty. Perhaps it is time to welcome a new one into your home.

    Congrats to all the wonderful bloggers you've passed the award onto!

  5. Julie, I'm so sorry about your kitty. Yes, it is traumatic, no question! As for healthcare policy, what can I say except, well, I can't actually say that online.

  6. Thankyou Karlene, for those warm thoughts. Yup, writing and pets--both great therapy. (Uh, oh, this is starting to sound like a pattern)

  7. Thanks, Michael! You are always so kind, we love you.

  8. You know, Heather, I do think about it, but it's been so long since I've been absolutely independent, I think I'll give it a while (until I can't stand it any more) before I get another couple of kittens. Yes, the bloggers I passed the award to are awesome!

  9. Congrats on the award! Writing is the best place to channel emotions-positive and negative. I love learning more about the bloggers I've met! Thanks for sharing. Love your ideas for critiques! Christy

  10. Thanks Christy. It is a great place for that, isn't it? I mean really great. I love getting to know other bloggers better, too. so fun.

  11. So nice learning about you Linda! Wow, you have lived in a lot of places. My life's been far more boring, moving-wise!

  12. You never know what may happen, Lydia! And you lived in NYC, too, I remember--but during such a stressful time there. I hope the city gave itself to you to love, other than the terrible events of that day.

  13. Hi Linda!

    A very belated thank you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I'm honoured! Sorry, been deep in edits, but back out again, and I'll be proudly posting my award in the next few days.

    Thank you again. I love your blog - congratulations on your award!