Friday, September 9, 2011

The Secret of Spruce Knoll... Heather!

Today is a very special day for me. I have the great opportunity to interview our friend and Critique Sister, Heather McCorkle. After her incredible tour of secrets, we all learned so much. But I’m always fascinated what makes people tick—The reason behind their success. 

 As we all know, Heather wrote the Secret of Spruce Knoll. The most promising YA novel of the year—And the first of many novels you’ll see coming from Heather.

I suspect we’ll learn a few more things from Heather today. Thank you for joining us.

Heather, one thing (of many) that amazes and inspires me is how dedicated you are to your writing, as well as your willingness to support and help everyone. All that takes time... and I'm wondering how you balance family, work, and writing, and still make time for your helping activities. More accurately, where does your motivation and drive come from?

Balance, what's that? LOL! Seriously, I'm very lucky to have an understanding other half who treats my writing as a career and respects the time I have to spend doing it. Much of my drive and motivation comes from him. :)

I know what you mean about balance and the understanding other half. The support from those around us comes out in the respect they share for our passion. Respect is the key. So back to you. What do you think the readers of Secret of Spruce Knoll will love most about your story?

I hope they'll love the characters the most. I know I do!

A character driven story is essential, and your characters are a gift to everyone. I, too, know the readers will love them. I do too! In addition to characters, and people in general, you have compassion for the earth, the love animals, and live quite the interesting life at work. How much of your personal life, if any, seeps into your writing?

When you put it that way, a lot. The underlying tones of The Secret of Spruce Knoll are environmental. But that doesn't come from me so much as it does from what I see around me. More and more I see kids who care about the earth and who are working hard to conserve and care for it. That inspired me!

Isn’t that the truth—inspiration comes “from” the kids. I know that mine have inspired me in so many ways. We can all learn so much from those around us, and the young are no exception. Speaking of which, if you could share one thing you've learned through your publishing process, what would that be?

Research thoroughly, ask questions of others who have been there, and trust your instincts. 

Instinct—that little voice on our shoulder that gives us direction—is something we should all listen to. There are other voices that come through experience that spark creativity and growth we should listen to, too. So… I heard that you're branching out into something new and creative within the book publishing industry. Would you like to share with our readers what that is?

Trying to get a secret out of me are you?! Alright, I'll give you a taste. I'm working on a special edition of Spruce Knoll for a publisher that came with an offer I just couldn't refuse. And that's all you're getting for now. ;)

Yeah… another secret! I knew we could wrap up your tour of secrets with one more. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!

For those of you who haven’t purchased The Secret of Spruce Knoll, yet, click HERE to do so. I bought six hardbacks and will purchase a few more when I return home. I’m giving them as Christmas gifts! Sharing the gift of reading, and supporting such a wonderful lady. What could be better than that?

Enjoy the Journey!

~ Karlene


  1. Great interview, and I'll be checking out The Secret of Spruce Knoll too. Great idea for gifts.

  2. I haven't had a chance to get the book yet. I have to read more of my TBR pile first. BUT I still plan to buy it. I love the cover too much not to. :D

  3. Em-Musing, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it. :)

    Stina, ah, you're so sweet.

  4. Great interview, Karlene. And so many congratulations to Heather on The Secret of Spruce Knoll! I'll be buying more copies, too. Love Erin and Aiden.

  5. A great interview! Heather deserves a lot of support for what she does considering the support she shows for so many others.

    All the best!

  6. Thanks Stina! You have more will power than I. My TBR pile is getting so tall I might have to go on a month cruise to catch up on my reading!

  7. Thank you Linda! Great interviews are all about the subject. Heather was a great subject!

  8. Jessica, isn't that the truth. She does deserve a ton of support. And thank you for all you give too!

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    It's The Versatile Blogger award and you can find more on it here: