Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Do It

Like many wannabe writers, I’ve always had the best of intentions to write a novel. The first chapter always found its way onto my computer, but the next time I sat to work on it, I edited what I had previously written. This process went on for many years. The moral of that story is I had many versions of a first chapter.

For years I have been crafting stories in my head, with the greatest of intentions to put them to paper. But I never did. Not because I didn’t try, or because I didn’t have a strong enough desire, it was that life just got in the way. A husband, three kids, a couple master degrees, and starting my career over at seven different airlines, always got in the way.

A few years back a friend told me that I should attend the Maui Writer’s conference, and I agreed. But the price, and the time commitment, and life… it all got in the way.

The great thing about life is we all have a choice. Of course we have obligations and commitments, but what I realized is if I wanted to succeed as a writer, I needed to invest in myself and take the plunge. I made the right choice.

The Hawaii Writer’s conference was by far the best investment I had made in years! With William Bernhardt as my instructor, I took away an education of a lifetime. I realized that my delay in writing was actually due to my inability of knowing ‘how to’ put my story together. And the women in my class, Heather and Linda, gave me the greatest gift: a realization that I belong in their world, the world of writers.

The place where imagination, creativity, research, and a lot of hard work, come together to make dreams come true. These women have assisted me with the basics, provided encouragement, and indulged my many questions. Our conversations of plot and character arcs took me to a new level of enjoyment. I realized that this is the world in which I belong. I am living in a fantasy with my characters, bringing them to life, and love every minute of it.

Making a commitment, to William Bernhardt, to write everyday gave me focus. And with my new skills, along with the commitment to myself, in three months I’ve finished a 400 page novel, and am on the 3rd revision! It won’t be long until I too am submitting to agents. I even joined a writers group. And yes… I am making this work with grandkids, holidays, birthdays, floods, and studying my new airplane. If I can do it… you can too.

It’s more than wanting it… it’s all about making a commitment and just doing it! Believe in yourself and go for it. Life is too short to do anything else… but write!


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