Monday, September 24, 2012

Becoming a Better Writer

In my surfing-for-knowledge/insight/fun/brilliance!! regarding writer's craft this week, I came across an article by Jocelyn Glei in the blog 99U : Insights on Making Ideas Happen, from Behance.

There are twenty-five tips on how to become a better writer/get the work done from well-known writers here, including the likes of P.D. James, Zadie Smith, Kurt Vonnegut, Jennifer Egan, Haruki Murakami, Annie Dillard and others of equal stature.

One of my favorites, from Esther Freud, on finding time to write: "Find your best time of day for writing, and write. Don't let anything else interfere. Afterwards it won't matter to you that the kitchen is a mess."

So true!

One hint: unless you love Ernest Hemingway, you can skip the opening quote. If you do love Hemingway, you'll smile, maybe laugh. I suspect the irony in his statement was only for literary effect. I think he actually meant it!! :)

For your reading pleasure (and to get you excited to get back to your pages): 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer, by Jocelyn Glei.


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    1. You're so welcome, Lydia. I love coming across great stuff like these quotes :)

  2. I absolutely love these tips. Except for the "must stick to the outline." I write an outline but then I fly off that page.

    But other than that, I loved them. So much so, that after I clicked on your link, then another link, and then got inspired to write a post for Indy blog, to link back to your blog. Everyone should read your blog. (And these tips.)

    As I'm writing the Indy blog, I mentioned that i had finished Flight For Control, and Flight For Safety, thanks to one of the tips- 'Not looking back.' Then I thought I should make a link for flight for Safety. Oh... I needed a page to link to.

    Then I played on photo-bucket and made a sample cover. And then I wrote a synopsis. And now... 4.5 hours later... I have come full circle to comment on the post that started this all.

    This post significantly impacted my life. And for the good.
    Check this out.

    Thank you!

    1. That is fantastic, Karlene. You were in the perfect frame of mind to put these insights to powerful use. Love that! (and I love the cover concept you came up with for Flight for Safety, too--all those controls, yikes, and the perfect evocation of your theme)

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book, and just what I need. Tips that are short and sweet to fit into those tiny reading time slots I have. ;) Thank you for the recommendation!

    1. It's just a website, not a book, Heather, Even easier!! :))