Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What To Write

Some say write what you know, others say write what you love, even more say write what sells. Who do you listen to? This is a question I have often pondered and I've written novels for all the reasons above. However, I just finished editing (for the thousandth time) the first novel that I have written about something I feel deeply passionate about. And I've got to tell you, that's the only way to go people. Only when you finish a novel that is written from your heart and soul, can you truly understand the power of such a thing.

Will my readers love it as much as I do? I don't know. But what I do know is that it resonates with something deep in me, something I had to write about and had to share. And there is power in that, so very much power. It is a bit dark, has some violence and difficult subjects, but it is honest and fearless. It is the best thing I have ever written. That right there is worth every moment spent sweating over every word. Sales are lovely and they pay the bills, but that feeling, that's forever.

So I say write what's in your heart. If it sells that's fabulous. If it doesn't, it won't matter because you will have written 'the' book.

Coming in May of 2012, To Ride A PĂșca, a YA (recommended for mature YA and adults) historical fantasy about the last of the druids in ancient Ireland.

Invaders are coming to take what isn't theirs, again.

Neala wants to stand and fight for her homeland, but as one of the last druids, she may be standing alone.


  1. Heather, I love this. Write what you love is essential. It flows. I'm so excited for Puca... such a fabulous story. Horses are in my life now... and this is yet another. The greatest success to you!!!

    1. It flows indeed! There's something about a story you have great passion for, it does just flow. And thank you so much!

  2. That is a great cover! The Druids are so fascinating. I can see why this was "the" book!

  3. Heather, this is brilliant advice! Writing what we love can push even average prose to a higher level. Combine it with some hard-earned skills, and wow. Speaking of which, Puca is fabulous!