Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blogger Fail And Upcoming News

I've failed you all my lovelies and I'm so, so sorry. The hectic pace of the holiday season combined with a bit of HUGE news that I will be releasing soon has scattered my brain so much that I forgot to post yesterday. That and I just got back from visiting with the Critique Sisters in Seattle so my internal clock is all screwed up. We had a great time talking about books, publishing, and drinking almost more coffee than I could handle in one weekend. Almost.

And yep, those are my books on the table before us (the out of print paperback version through Abbott Press). Now they're available with a shiny new cover through Compass Press. Speaking of great news, be sure to stop by our author friend Christine Fonseca's place tomorrow (Friday December 16th) for a bit of other great writerly news. :)



  1. There you are, Heather! I would have reminded you, but I thought today was Wednesday. What was that you said about the hectic pace of the holiday season? ummm. Can't wait for your huge news!

  2. I would have reminded you but I've lost my mind. I'm still looking.

  3. What a GREAT pic of you ladies.... So wonderful to see you all together. One day I hope to be with you!

    Congrats Heather on the new publisher... What happened with Abbott... I am so far behind with the news.