Friday, September 23, 2011

Secrets to Success

"Let me let go of my
failures of the past
- so I may be free to look
forward to the success
that lies ahead."

~ by Eleesha,
Author of - The Soul Whisperer

Don’t allow someone who doesn’t know you or your work, and what you’re capable of, to steal your power with simple piece of paper called a rejection. Besides, they aren’t rejecting you. They’re rejecting an opportunity that they’re not ready to accept. It’s not their time. 

Everything happens in the perfect time, and your time is coming.

The fact is—there will be many rejections in your life. It’s your choice how you deal with them. My advice is to drop the weight of your perceived failures then pick up the experiences and lessons learned, and carry those forward instead. Take those lessons and use them— they are your tools for your success.

Success will be yours.

All you have to do is work on your craft, continue to learn, and know that your time is coming. Stay focused, stay positive, and stay determined. I have faith you can do it.

Will success be yours? Can you leave the past behind and work toward your future? Do you believe in yourself? I do! 

Enjoy the Journey.

XOX Karlene


  1. Excellent advice, Karlene. It should be the morning mantra of all creative people.

  2. Karlene, I loved this inspirational post! Thanks so much for the encouragement. And the best part? We all get to share this journey together :D

  3. This is beautiful Karlene, and something every writer needs to hear. Thank you so much for this!

  4. Okay, that got me teared up. Very, very nicely done, Karlene. I think I needed it to remind me exactly why I do this!

  5. Oh man Karlene, I really needed this post this week! I'm starring it and I'm going to re-read it when I need encouragement.

  6. Thank you Linda! We all need a mantra.

  7. Thank you so much Julie. I think sharing the journey together is the best part.

  8. Thank you Heather. Sometimes we forget and need to remind ourselves that we have the power.

  9. Lorelei, Thank you for the beautiful and heartfelt comment. So now, you got me teared up.

  10. Sophia, Thank you so much for the great comment! We all need a little reminder now and again. Or... sometimes a big reminder. I'm so glad it gets stars! Thank you.