Friday, September 14, 2012

Finishing Your Book and Getting an Agent and Publisher: An Interview

Thriller writer Jeff Abbott is so smart and wise, I can't resist sharing the interview with you that he did with the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. I don't read too many thrillers (and—full disclosure—have not read Jeff Abbott's books), so when I saw this nine-minute podcast come over the transom from PNWA, I thought it would be something I might be only mildly interested in. But the points Jeff makes apply to any writer in any genre, and are rock-solid insightful.

A few areas he talks about in the interview:

  • how to focus on finishing your project
  • getting an agent (Jeff explains how he did it, which was sort of backwards, but a great idea)
  • the importance of writing what you love to read
  • choreographing action scenes and keeping the emotional context foremost in action scenes (if you don't, he says, you are writing smoke and mirrors, CGI)
  • the dance of plot and character
  • what to focus on if you want to be published
  • what to keep in mind at all times: that your book is your first real impression on readers, not branding or marketing or getting the book out there.

This nine-minute interview is well-worth a look. Enjoy!


  1. An excellent interview!!!
    The part I took note of is the importance of reading, and reading often. I've found that has helped me more than anything during the rewriting. It's something that inspires me.

    And the dance of the character and plot. Loved it.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Keep them coming!

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